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As an artist working alone in a home studio, it can feel like a lonely journey at times. I am so grateful to have found a strong art community, both online and in real life. I joined the Richmond Hill Group of Artists many years ago, before I got serious about painting & showing my work. It was a great way to meet other people with similar interests and watch demos from established artists. I am so thankful to have a community of local artists to share the journey with.

During my studio sessions I am in the habit of listening to art podcasts while I paint. My go to favourites are Art Juice with Alice Sheridan & Louise Fletcher and Art Chatter with Gaynor Leverett-Jaques & Karen George. These are all British artists, so perhaps I like listening to the accents:)

A couple of years ago I found a whole new community of artists through doing online courses and joining the associated Facebook groups. One of my biggest influences has been doing the Creative Visionary Program with Nicholas Wilton. I first did CVP in 2021 and I am signed up as an Alumni to do it again this year in 2023. One of the cool things about CVP is the community that you become part of through doing the course.

CVP teaches you how to strengthen your work in terms of composition & effective use of colour. You learn how to critique your own work and are exposed to many image adjustments to teach you how to strengthen a composition. You are also encouraged to get into a regular studio practice and Nick teaches that even short studio sessions, done regularly, add up to big improvements in your art. I have definitely found this to be true for myself and am so thankful to have had this teaching to give my art practice a solid basis.