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New Studio

My beautiful new space

It's finished! I have a beautiful new home studio. This feels like a total luxury to have a whole room that is dedicated to my painting, but it feels really good to be able to hang my work on the walls & have proper lighting to be able to see what I am doing when I work in the evenings.

My priority was good lighting, so I have lots of pot lights in the ceiling and near to the walls so that the walls are well lit for working on. There are two walls that I use as a giant easel, where I have screws into the wall & hang works in progress while I paint on them, this is something I learned from Louise Fletcher. As I am painting multiple pieces at a time, this method works really well for me. Then I also have a sink in one corner, and cupboard space below and above. Everything is white, which is good for showing up the work, but it feels a bit too pristine and intimidating, so I need to get a few splashes of paint on the walls now so that it feels more like a studio than a gallery.