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Finding Joy

My ugly painting

In 2020 I discovered British artist, Louise Fletcher, and she completely changed the way I paint!

I took her online course, Find Your Joy, which is about to start again this month, and I have just done her free taster course for the third time. I am realizing more & more how important it is for me to spend time in play and experimentation. Not just once a year when Find Your Joy comes along, but as a regular part of my art practice.

I have learned so much from Louise about how to have an open mind when I am painting and to try not to aim for a specific result. This can feel frustrating at times when things are not working, but it's very rewarding when they do. I find it is best to focus on enjoying the process, and, as much as possible, letting go of the outcome. That's not an easy thing for most artists, so Louise has us deliberately paint an ugly painting to get away from trying for a result. She encourages us to get creative and experiment with new tools and colours. A lot of the time we will create a real mess, but if you notice the bits you like or feel good when you are making them, then you get closer to finding joy in painting and create stronger work that is unique to you.