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Time for a Refresh?

Moving paintings around

Goose #1
The other day I decided to move some paintings around at home, and when I tried this painting, and it's companion piece, in the dining area, I realized that they go perfectly in there with the yellow walls. Until now they had been sitting in our basement with the rest of my completed paintings that have not yet sold. I often forget that I have all these paintings hidden away and I may as well be enjoying some of them on my own walls. It's so easy to get to the point where you don't really notice what you have on your walls any more because the artwork has been there for so long. It's actually a good idea to go round your home and take stock once in a while. Maybe you will find it is time for a refresh, or just try moving things around to give it a new look. I also moved the painting that had been in that spot to the adjoining room, and you know what…it looked even better in there against the darker coloured wall!