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Going BIG

Scaling up

I used to paint watercolours all the time because my two aunts who were artists painted the most amazing watercolours and I wanted to paint just like them. So for years I studied watercolour painting & absolutely fell in love with the effects you can get with letting the paint run and mix on the paper and painting wet into wet. Then when I moved to Canada I had a house with lots of wall space. That's when I started to think about switching to acrylics so that I could paint big paintings as it is so much easier to paint big in acrylic than it is in watercolour. I quickly worked up to large canvases and I have several large paintings hanging in my home that I have painted for specific rooms. But more recently I have been painting small little 10" x 10" or 12" x 12" wood panels. Mainly because of doing an online painting class that suggested using small square panels to work on. This worked well for learning new ways of painting, but now I feel like I am ready to tackle larger paintings again. So this past month I ordered some 24" x 24" panels & had a go with one of those. It brought back to me that I love painting big. I am entering this painting into the small group show I am part of at the local Mill Pond Gallery and look forward to getting brave and painting some more big paintings!