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Painting in a series

Feels Like Summer

I always admired artists who painted series of paintings because they seemed like 'proper artists'. Well, in a course I did recently we were taught how to paint in a series and it really makes a lot of sense. Painting in a series means that I start all the paintings at the same time & work on them simultaneously, putting one aside to dry & moving onto the next, then repeat. I love to use a limited palette when I am painting (meaning I use just a few tubes of paint & mix all my colours from them), so I used the same limited palette for all 4 of these summer tree paintings and I love how it gives them a cohesive look. I have always been drawn to drawing and painting trees. I take hundreds of photos of them, so I have lots of references to choose from. These particular trees are local to me and in fact I walk past them on my daily walks. I find the shapes that are made by the branches so interesting and even the negative shapes (shapes between the branches) make for interest. I have experimented with using pastels with the usual acrylic paint and I think it adds a new dimension with interesting lines and textures. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did painting them!